Considering buying a beer making kit?  Confused by your options? So were we!  There are dozens of vendors and hundreds of kits to choose from for hops sake! Starting at less than $50 and going up into the $1,000s for high end systems that can produce 20-50 gallons of beer at a time. This site is designed to help you compare your options.  We want you to get the best beer kit that is right for you! has listed some of the most popular kits from some of the leading vendors in the world of home brewing.  From Mr.Beer's famous Beer Making Kits and Northern Brewer's line of various entry level kits we'll examine each tier of homebrewing kit for every budget going all the way up to fully automated brewing systems. We'll also be taking a look at the offerings from Midwest Supplies, EC Kraus, More Beer, Coopers, Leeners, Home Brew Heaven, Williams Brewing, Craft-a-Brew, Brooklyn Brewers, and others coming soon!